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Filling saddles by De Paardenbloem

When we start over saddle filling, every saddler and customer has his own opinion, the one claiming that you can fill without a horse and the other says nothing.

we of the Dandelion say that it is not possible
we only fill with the horse than we can
we fit in between and if it is not right again
change and we keep going until we are satisfied

but we do more when only filling saddles

we go to the customer where the horse is standing there is the horse
his own environment and the quietest

we explain the customer

how we see whether or not it fits the saddle
we also let the customer feel it
we answer the questions that customers have

and to be able to do this we also usually come with 2
then possibly the 2 person can hold the horse

we want to give customers as much information as possible
that they can see themselves after that we have been
when they have to call again to the saddle
have it checked

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